AISS 2024

Rapid advancements in the field of AI have unveiled new techniques that can provide innovative and definitive solutions to the complex challenges faced by students, industry experts, and researchers presently. However, the rapid pace of this progress has made it difficult for many to keep in touch with these novel solutions. At least once a year, you can learn about the latest advancements in AI by attending the Artificial Intelligence Summer School. This year’s Summer School will delve into the increasingly popular topic of LLMs. If you are excited about learning Artificial Intelligence from researchers themselves through passionate discussions or exploring the myriad applications of AI in startups and companies, join us! The Artificial Intelligence Summer School hosted at Indraprastha Institute of Technology, Delhi will be held on 17th - 18th May 2024.

Large Language Models (LLMs)

The theme of AISS 2024 will be Large Language Models (LLMs). LLMs have enabled information analysis, decision-making, content generation, idea exploration, and much more for the average individual. Becoming increasingly popular due to recent advancements, LLMs have revolutionized all three stages of knowledge - knowledge acquisition, knowledge processing, and knowledge generation.



iHub Anubhuti-IIITD Foundation


Google Research India


Learning While Travelling

Keynote Speakers

Engage in enlightening talks during the summer school, where experts share their knowledge and insights


Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya

FNAE, Abdul Kalam National Fellow Professor
Computer Science and Engineering Department
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay


Dr Sameep Mehta

IBM Distinguished Engineer and Senior Manager
Data and AI Platforms
IBM Research AI

Invited Talks


Dr Anoop Kunchukuttan

Co-founder and Co-lead-AI4Bharat
Adjunct Faculty-IIT Madras


Prof Erik Cambria

Associate Professor
School of Computer Science and Engineering
Founder of SenticNet.


Dr Saptarshi Ghosh

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


Dr Sriparna Saha

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Patna


Balaji Krishnamurthy

Senior Principal Scientist and Senior Director
Media and Data Science Research Lab
Adobe Systems


Problem statement - Large Multi-Modal Foundation Model for Traffic Accident Analysis / Detection


  • Multi-Modal Traffic Accident Analysis for Safer Roads:- Develop an innovative model to analyze diverse traffic data, uncover accident root causes, and proactively suggest preventive solutions.
  • Traffic accidents remain a persistent global threat despite extensive safety efforts. Traditional models often center on single data sources, failing to capture the complex interplay of factors contributing to accidents.


  • Round 1 - online
    May 03, 2024 - Start Date.
    May 15, 2024 - Final Submission Deadline.
  • Round 2 - offline at IIITD Campus on 17th May, 2024
Top 5 candidates will be called to present their work for final round (in presentation format) All deadlines are at 11:59 PM IST on the corresponding day unless stated otherwise. The competition organizers reserve the right to update the contest timeline if they deem it necessary.

  1. 1st Prize: Chanakya Fellowship
  2. 2nd Prize: Chanakya Fellowship

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The Artificial Intelligence summer school was initiated at the Infosys Center for Artificial Intelligence (CAI) at Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi. AISS 2024 is the 3rd iteration of the AISS. The new advancements in Artificial Intelligence have the potential to change the way we do things and offer definitive solutions to current problems. We aim to bring the discussion about these new advancements to the forefront.


A limited number of rooms in the institute hostels are reserved for the participants. This is a low-cost option and is available on first-come-first-served basis. A participant will directly pay their accommodation cost to the hostel. Other options for accommodation are the guest house of the institute and the hotels close to the institute. Please contact us to book a hostel room or if you need support for other accommodation options. Payment for the accommodation will be made directly on spot.

Organizing Team


Dr Debarka Sengupta

Center Head & Co-organizer


Dr Md Shad Akhtar



Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah



Dr. Vikram Goyal



Dr. Dhruv Kumar



Ms. Aayushi Shishodia

Event Secretary



Student Club

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